Anita Andrews-Hutchinson, M.P.H.

Managing Partner / Co-Founder
Anita Andrews-Hutchinson, M.P.H., has successfully envisioned, facilitated financing, and implemented strategy behind the growth of ITAV’s organizations. Anita not only believes that high-quality education is a universal right, but it is also critically important for all children to have exposure to developing leadership skills that can traverse any discipline. Anita has been instrumental in promoting industry excellence by supporting providers in delivering high-quality educational services to children and their families and representing those businesses as their advocate in State and City commissions and forums. Through the work of education, institution building, and advocacy, Anita’s goal is to improve those industries, so they are systematically beneficial to all. She is also a loving wife and proud parent of three amazing children.

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Educational Campus

Bronzeville: 4930 S Cottage Grove

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